There's a war on the horizon



by RaddicalDucks
As of now, War Boy will be updated usually on Thursday nights.
Cheers, Mates! 


A Little Place Called Home

by RaddicalDucks
heart'Ello Chaps. As far as you are aware, you don't know me and I don't know you. heart
But that doesn't mean we can't get to know 
each other.

This webcomic site is very new for me and I'm not much about throwing my weight around in new situations but, I mainly just post my comics and that's about it there's not much of an interaction. That kinda sucks. Though this is my main platform for the comic pages of war boy all my scraps, doodles and lore stuff is all on my DeviantArt page along with the comic itself! That is also the best place to interact with me!  
So go here if you want, or if you just want to read the comic on here that's fine too!


Pronunciation Guide

by RaddicalDucks
Ey'o! I hope you're enjoying my comic War Boy so far. I know it's just the beginning, but I hope it has piqued some interest. Anyway, I thought that I would offer a pronunciation guide as some of the names in the story can be a little hard to pronounce. I'll add on to this guide if any other weird names come up.



Kiin Mysfyt: key-in, miss fit

Kia Mysfyt: Kī-ah

Ayan Mysfyt: eye-an

Divisio Mysfyt: Div-ish-eeo 

Places and People Groups:

Abema: ah-bim-uh 

Ollik: al-licc

That's it for now! 

-Stay Rad
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